Advantages and Disadvantages Of Electric Cars

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Electric cars are nowadays considered to be the vehicles of the future. They use an amazing source of energy, which actually costs few money than fuel. In the past few years, the technology of electric cars has improved a lot, making these vehicles more attractive to people from all over the world. Manufacturers have already announced that many new models of electric cars will be released on the market in the near future.

Electric cars are known to have numerous benefits on other type of vehicles. Still, customers should know that there can be some disadvantages to these cars, as well. Below you will find some information on both of them.


Advantages of electric cars

There surely is a reason for which electric cars are believed to be the vehicles of the future. These vehicles are extremely economical, being at the same time Eco-friendly.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Electric cars are extremely economical. They reduce the dependence on oil, reducing at the same time the damage on the environment and air pollution. Electric cars require no fuel to work, meaning that when having such a car you will no longer have to worry about costs with fuel. And you can easily drive your car for as much as you want without having to think about the effects that your choice will have on the environment.

2. Efficiency and little maintenance

Electric cars are considered to be much more efficient than gasoline-powered cars. They require little maintenance and are very simple to keep.


Disadvantages of electric cars

One of the main disadvantages of such cars is that nowadays there still is a limited number of vehicles on the market. So, when you plan on buying this type of car, your options will be limited. Another important fact worth to be considered is linked to the limited number of facilities for repairs for electric cars. This means that car owners can sometime find it difficult to reach a venue in which they will be able to repair their vehicles.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to electric cars, while the disadvantages are few. So, purchasing an electric car is a great choice, one you will never regret.

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Save With A Tango Electric Car

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The popularity of electric cars has significantly increased in the recent years, especially once people started to be concerned with the well being of the planet. Experts estimate that the natural resources of the planet will soon vanish if we keep on wasting them. Moreover, fuel prices are constantly increasing. And in this economy, not many people can still afford to waste money on fuel, even if they need their car for a wide array of purposes. So, how about instead of wasting money and fuel on a traditionally powered car, you turn to an electric car and save? Not only can an electric car save you money, since you will no longer have to spend on fuel, but it will also reduce your carbon footprint, so you will be doing something nice for the environment at the same time. If you do not know what to choose, the Tango electric car is here for you.

The Tango is one of the best electric sports cars on the market nowadays. Initially, it was designed and built by the American company Commuter Cars. An interesting fact about the Tango is its ultra-narrowness. Imagine that this small car is even thinner that some motorcycles. In some jurisdictions, there may be no legal problems in the car riding side by side with other small vehicles in traffic lanes. It is so small that it only takes up one quarter of a standard parking space. It is even able to park sideways! However, the Tango is capable of seating 2 passengers in a tandem seating arrangement. Do not assume that just because it is so small it is also unstable, though. Its heavy battery pack and low ground make it very stable and safe to handle.

The Tango electric car is the best way for you to start saving. Even though its starting price is not low (about $108,000), it is totally worth it. Think about the fact that after purchasing it, you will no longer have to spend a dime on fuel. You will just have to recharge it and you will be ready to go – and it only takes about 10 minutes for the Tango to be charged to 80%. The Tango electric car is so popular that even internationally renowned celebrities are driving one. Examples here include George Clooney and Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page. You can thus see how popular this incredibly small electric car is.

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Three Reasons To Buy An Electric Car

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You have to acknowledge that, in a few years, we will all use electric cars. Although it may seem a faraway dream to you now, buying an electric car is a very good idea that you could apply in the present. You surely know a lot about cars and especially about electric cars. On our website, you can learn a lot of new and useful information about the Tango electric car. Take a few minutes and read about it, but also read this article in which the main topic is not actually this car, but the reasons for which you should buy a car this type. The most important is to go green. This is one of the things you need to do, because we are not the only ones living in this world and your children will be those to judge you. You, as everyone else, need to take measures in order to protect the environment. This is something your children will need – to live on a healthy planet. So, buying an electric car definitely means going green and saving it. Such a car has no emissions, so think about it.

Another reason to buy an electric car is that it is very quiet. You did not know that until now? You have to know that an electric car is much more quiet than a regular car, thus, it does not disturb people that much. Even if you do not care about your neighbors, you surely care about your family. Use an electric car and you will be very silent every time you will arrive home. The reason for which an electric car is quiet is because an electric engine is really silent, unlike a regular one, used in an usual car.

An electric car is very efficient. You need to be aware that a car that uses electric power to work is much more efficient than one using fossil fuel. And although this comes to a very high cost, a Tango electric car for example costing a little bit over 100,000 dollars, it is a very well invested amount of money. Just take into account that to move such a car, only 15% of the all that is in the energy tank is required and you will understand why it is so good. In the end, the decision is yours, but now at least you know why such an investment deserves every single penny.

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Things You Can Do With A Tango Electric Car

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There are many things that you can do with the help of the Tango electric car. Considering the facts about this type of a vehicle, the main elements that come to mind are the ones which surface because it is electric. With this feature, numerous other elements can be brought up. For example, you will spend less money on the fuel through which the car functions. It is also highly suitable for people who care about the environment and who want to show the fact that they have nature’s best interests in mind. Therefore, you can make a contribution to your life through the electric vehicle. You will be spending less money on it and on the type of fuel used, as you will be benefiting the environment at the same time. 

There are many other benefits that can surface from the usage of this type of a car and that is why you should know what are the things that you can do with it. Probably one of the best things is connected to the fact that you can find a parking space easily and anywhere you want. This comes from the fact that the vehicle is a lot smaller than regular ones, as you can also see in the picture, therefore you will not require a full parking space in the size of a normal vehicle in order to leave your car around the city. The dimensions are reduced in the length, as well as in the width of the vehicle, which makes it squeezable here, there and everywhere. You have to be considerate though, so that the way and the place in which you have parked the vehicle is not standing in the way of other cars.

The Tango electric car is one of the most appreciated models of these types of vehicles. You can use it for the city, as it is easy to park and to drive around. These are the vehicles which have been designed for those who have to go around the city a lot and therefore their usage is mostly recommended for them. As a result, you will be able to run errands throughout the day. Another thing that you can do with it is to use it for short trips outside of the city. If it is a short trip and the road is not too long, you can drive your Tango electric car all the way to your destination. 

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Main Features of the Tango Electric Car

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In today’s world, everybody wants to go green and consume less fuel on their cars. There are many car companies that have come up with hybrid and electric cars and revolutionised the way we perceive cars. The newest model of eco friendly car is the Tango electric car. The Tango electric car is an ultra narrow electric sports car, initially designed and built by Commuter Cars. Production of the first version of the Tango electric car, at a rate of about 100 cars per year, was set to begin in 2005.

The Tango electric car has some interesting features. For instance, it is thinner than some motorcycles and may be small enough to legally side to side with other similar small vehicles in traffic lanes. The Tango electric car is capable of seating two passengers in a tandem seating arrangement. The tango electric car is so small that it takes up only a quarter of the regular parking space, and in most of the cases, it is capable of parking sideways.

Due to the fact that Tango electric car is eco friendly, the price is not that green. The Tango electric car models cost roughly about $108.000. Tango electric car has additional premium features that offset the high cost of the early kit vehicles, which are outfitted with an interior made entirely from leather. The Tango electric car is also equipped with a state of the art sound system.

You should not let the size of this little electric car fool you. Indeed, the Tango electric car may appear small, its roll cage is actually the structure required for race cars travelling over 200 mph. The Tango electric car has four times more side protection bars, than the largest SUV. The Tango electric car accelerates from 0-60 mph in under four seconds and can reach over 130mph with no gear shifting. The battery of a Tango electric car will charge in less than three houses and can last up to 3 days.

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Tango Electric Car Price

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Freedom is something that is generally highly valued in the modern world; the ability to make your own decisions and also to be able to go and do whatever you want whenever you choose to do it. However, this isn’t always the politically correct or even morally right thing to do when you take in all of the factors. Global warming has all but stopped people in their tracks from taking those long drives to just relax and the rising gas prices have made it that much more important to buy an economical car. Sometimes, however, you just want to get away and to be able to have fun doing so.

The Tango from Commuter Cars, based in Seattle, Washington, is the electric car for the person who loves to drive. This small car has a single seat and is less than four feet wide. This gives it great maneuverability as well as allowing for that sports car feel. The 805 horse-power motor with over 1,000 ft. lbs. of torque that is available immediately allows for the speed and acceleration that so many people long for.

Unfortunately, because of the research and development that has gone into designing and building each of these vehicles and the seemingly excessive (but necessary) safety features, they aren’t inexpensive. With a price tag of around $108,000 USD this car will come to you from the factory as a kit and will still require a drivetrain and battery packs in order to run. For standard lead acid batteries it will cost around $5,000 to $7,000 with lithium ion packs costing in excess of $30,000. This means that for the top of the line, longest lasting, most effective vehicle, one can expect to pay more than $150,000. But to be fair, it is almost as good as a new GTR.

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A Small Car with Big Personality

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The smallest car ever to hit the road has the biggest personality that enamored A-list actor George Clooney to purchase the first kit ever to hit the market. The Tango electric car truly embodies the cliché “great surprises come in small packages.” You do not want to under estimate Tango electric car because of its small size; drive one and you’ll see why there’s a long list to go through to get the do-it-yourself car kit.

First off: the car is powered by electric-driven motor making it an instant hit in Al Gore’s recommended buys. Tango electric car can accelerate from zero to 60mph in less than four seconds and is able to run up to 80 miles in full, medium quality battery. If you use top rated battery to power up your Tango, it can run up to 100 miles for every full battery.

But perhaps the 39 inches wide and the eight and a half feet long, sleek body of the Tango is the biggest pull for its enamored users. Maneuvering the car in busy streets is as easy as driving a bike minus the hazards that a bike poses to its rider. The carbon fiber body shell of a Tango is certified safe to withstand rollovers by no less than race car associations in the U.S themselves. The car’s center of gravity is low so that the car corners faster and safer than regular cars.

To get your do-it-yourself kit for a Tango, however, is not as sleek as the car itself. Be prepared to wait on a list and dish out at least $10,000 just to get on the list. So don’t waste the next opportunity to get on the list because the car does not come out from assembly lines to keep up with the high demand.

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Where to get Your Tango Electric Car

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The Tango electric car is very hot in today’s electric vehicle demand and many people will want to really take advantage of having such a sweet car. One of the most important things to remember is that there is an extensive waiting list just to receive a kit and the kits could be expensive. Being on the waiting list alone costs $10k and will usually be a wait that may be too long for the tastes of most people. The Tango electric car has some of the most advanced options of a build it yourself electric car and you could choose any color that you please. These vehicles are very stylish and they are made for one person but with a special arrangement, can be used by two people. These vehicles are very easy to maintain and they can travel a good distance before needing a recharge.

Due to the size of the vehicle, the Tango electric car can be easily maneuvered through busy streets and can actually go between lanes during traffic. The dashboard is really advanced and many people can really enjoy how the power of the car really makes it a valuable vehicle to own. The car takes only a few hours to charge and can be charged when not in use through public charging stations. There are many benefits to using a Tango electric car and one of these is getting great attention. Many people look at the Tango electric car and enjoy the sleek physique and will usually be able to fall in love with it as soon as it is available. There are many options for your Tango, but you have to get on the waiting list first!

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Tango Electric Car the Future of Vehicles

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Many people understand the importance of having a fuel efficient car. Those who need a commuting vehicle can look into the Tango electric car, which is one of the latest models in the available electric vehicle market that is very useful for commuters. You can easily commute up to 100 miles on one charge depending on the kinds of batteries that you use. If you want to make as much out of your Tango electric vehicle, you should really take the vehicle out for use when it is charged. It is simple to do all of your errands for a week and simply recharge for one night to do it all again. It is the perfect choice for someone that needs to have a stable vehicle that handles well on the road. You can even get a choice that has all of the options that you will find in a luxury vehicle.

The Tango electric car is a car that you must reserve a kit for. These kits are somewhat expensive, and there is even a waiting list to get one. You will need to put in at least a 10k deposit to reserve one and you will need to pay in full once your vehicle kit is ready to ship to you. Make sure that you know that you must build the car afterwards on your own. You will get detailed instructions on how to build your car and you must buy the batteries separately. You will even need to buy the motor driving train which is basically the device needed to get the batteries moving your vehicle once charged. It is very fulfilling to build your own car and know how it works and it not only produces zero emissions, but it gets great mileage for a commuter vehicle!

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Getting Your Tango Electric Car

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The Tango is an interesting little gem of a commuter car that you can use for mainly casual driving and other uses that you would normally not want to pollute the world with. This car is small in size but still very big with plenty of head space and all of the features you need in a car that will be used often at the fraction of the cost of gasoline powered vehicles. They come as kits that you could easily assemble yourself and you will have the option to choose your own battery types as well as drive train motors to get your Tango Electric Car moving.

Getting one is as simple as putting down a deposit to hold your place in line to receive a Tango vehicle kit. There is usually a long wait because so many people are interested in this little car that can accelerate quickly and make its way through lanes without hassles. It takes less than 20 seconds to travel the distance that a normal car will travel in 20 minutes when stuck in traffic lanes. Since the Tango is so small, it could easily maneuver between cars where lane splitting is legal.

Once your name comes off of the waiting list, you will need to purchase the Tango vehicle kit and it will be sent to you right away. The kits are simple to assemble and can be up and running in as little as 3 hours after you complete the build and charge your batteries. This set up is the only “hard” part of getting your Tango Electric Car and you can ride around town in style with one of the safest and best maneuverable electric vehicles yet to be built. They are a bit pricy, but over time will pay for itself and then some!

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